Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to THE biggest baby we ever loved!!

10 lbs 15 oz...the biggest girl ever born in our hospital. The doctor had to hold you with two hands.
We found out 3 months later that your collar bone had been broken during delivery. Then we knew why you would cry everytime we put you down.  You didn't like to eat either and at 3 months old you were a skinny mini and for "some reason" the name screaming mimi was given to you.  You remind me a lot of our wild, blonde boy naughty and charming all at once. You have grown into a beautiful, warm- hearted woman and I can't believe that you were ours for a brief moment in time.  MOM

Birthdays are only dates that signify that another year of memories has gone by.  This birthday I remember a little girl who was barely tall enough to look in the top of her sisters dresser drawer and did...even though she was told not to touch her sisters things.  Her daddy spent about 15 minutes watching her pull things out, inspect them and carefully put them back.  This is the same little girl who grew up to be a mommy and stand in the doorway and watch her little boy go into his sister's dresser drawers and inspect things despite being told not to touch.  Birthdays bring back great memories.  I love you dolly.
Love Dad

Saturday, May 1, 2010