Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday #1

It is the Merry-Hearted Boys
that make the Best Men!

Hope you had a wonderful day #1!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Here you have "The Golden Tickets"!

The day was was a perfect and magical day. We arrived at the train station and a HUGE flock of geese flew over honking out our arrival. We were served cookies, goldfish and the special beverage of the day

The train went fast...we saw horses and we thought we heard wolves and saw an eagle flying overhead. The hostess of the ride read the Polar Express story and all of the children received

We arrived at the NORTH was beautiful. And who should be waiting to greet us but SANTA! Some of them sat on his lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas. One of them created a memory. They all received a gift bag from Santa.

Santa rode the train back to our station. He spoke briefly to everyone and did mention he loves cookies and milk. His reindeer also like carrots. We sang Christmas caroles.
Soon we were back home.
It was a wonderful morning!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Version

"Grandma," my middle Rose said, "you're going to have the best birthday ever and Grandpa will help!" And she said this on HER birthday, what a girl! So keeping this in mind, I told my Handsome what she had said and lo and behold he found tickets for a play! Not just any play but The Wizard of Oz! And it was right around my birthday. He purchased the tickets and used his points for A Hotel which is how the Rose says it, very importantly and capitalized. Two weeks before the big day he and the Fall Fairy told her what was to happen and do you know She Kept IT A Secret! She asked me to help her pack cause she and mama were going on a special date and I was to watch the boys.

Segue, Handsome had made reservations and they were in the name of Mr. Baba Hoo Hoo and it would be for two double beds. The reservation should have read Mrs. Baba Hoo Hoo, but we figured they would see I was a woman.

Anyway, the day dawned and I excitedly and nervously drove to the hotel. I had never checked in to a hotel all by myself. I spelled our last name...she said oh Mr. Handsome and I said it was booked in my name Baba Hoo Hoo, anyway she said she would change it. Then she said we have a king sized bed for you on the conceirge wing. I said oh no that won't do, my grandaughter is coming and we need two beds... (Meanwhile, I am thinking what is the conceirge wing...and why was it Mr. Handsome and king size bed, but hey) She said I would have to use my key to open the door to that wing.  Whoa I thought, that seems important.

Mama and Middle Rose arrived and I told them I would meet them in the parking lot. We went up to the room and after checking extensively for bed bugs, (because that's what we do) we decided to explore.

At the door to the conceirge wing was a tuxedoed man with a tray of chocolate covered strawberries and some exotic water. I said jokingly is that for us? He said it is if you are in room 123 ... I said we are in room 123...  I was all aflutter and said Handsome must have sent them.  Middle Rose was so excited, there was even a flower on the tray. She carried the tray around and touched the water and put the stuff in the fridge for enjoyment later. The man said they were from the hotel. (Hmm, I was a getting a bit uneasy). There was a card for Handsome, (right first name, slightly misspelled last name) but people do that all the time...Mama and I joked about that.

We decided to explore the hotel and found some clues about the play...we returned to the room and the phone was flashing...who would call us here, we had our cell phones with us...I told Mama I think there is a mistake, I think we are in the wrong room. AND I bet we have to give the strawberries back.
While I called down to the desk, the middle Rose was taking the tray out of the fridge and sadly putting it back on the dresser. The front desk told us we had no reservation but we had them at the other hotel right across the street. I was very upset...this was my birthday after all and this was the hotel we were supposed to be at and the middle Rose was so excited about everything. The hotel sent a very nice bellhop up to help us with our things. And down the hall and out the conceirge wing we went. Apparently the room and strawberries were meant for the CEO of COSCO! His name is very close to Handsome's. 

I have alway had trouble keeping my composure and while mama thought the situation was funny, I started to cry. The middle Rose looked up at me sweetly and said "Happy Birthday Baba HooHoo." I think I was crying because of the strawberries, after all the middle Rose had wanted the one with sprinkles. The extremely nice front desk manager cancelled our reservations for the wrong hotel and proceeded to put us back in the conceirge wing. (All the while my Handsome was working frantically from home trying to right this wrong. Turns out the hotel reservations made the mistake and we were able to still use our points and not be penalized. That Handsome, he's quite a guy!)

We went out for a nice dinner and I had the pleasure of Happy Birthday sung to me by the waiters (much to Middle Rose's delight). Back to our room... and what was waiting for us there but a beautiful platter of fresh fruit, water crackers, brie, bottles of water and vase with a flower were waiting for us with a nice note from the front desk manager wishing me a Happy Birthday and a nice stay. (We told middle Rose the fruit was from Grandpa HooHoo.) She was very happy with the fresh strawberries and bananas that were on the plate.

I was exhausted by this time and we laid back in bed...Little did I know I was in a Disney know the one...the character is snoring and the covers are going up and down. Well, Happy and Doc snored the night away...I think I got a bit of sleep but it was worth it the next day to see her face when she saw the Wizard and realized the importance of the RED shoes that Dorothy had left for her the night before.