Monday, June 28, 2010

The Day I Met the 2nd Boy I Ever Loved

The day he turned 1

The day he turned 2
And he accepted Grandpa Hoo Hoo's heart first...

But I think that I might have captured a tiny bit of his heart too...
Happy Birthday my Baby Wild Blonde Boy
I Yuv you!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Wild Blonde Boy

"Hey Baby Wild Blonde Boy", I say to him and he says "What?" and I say, "I yove you." And he  answers "Yove you." All of a sudden one day he smiled real cute at me and said, "Baby Gamma HooHoo...I yove you." And he giggled, cause he knew he was making a joke. He thought of that all by myself. So smart!
One day I was holding him on my lap on the rocky chair...I started rocking and singing..."Yo Ho. Yo Ho a pirate's life for me."   He asked me to sing more (and if you heard me sing, you'd wonder why he said more.) and so we sang together and sailed over rough seas and a full moon with the wind in Pirate Wild Blonde Boy's curls. And the game of pirate was born...We use our foam swords and say "All sor one and one sor all." And he tells his sister, "Go way, I playing wiss gamma all mysels." He really likes the pirate game. (We do let sister join in, she loves to be the mermaid.)
One day he was looking for a dvd...I couldn't figure out which one he wanted. He proudly held up "Veggie Tales, The Pirates who don't do anything". "See, I tole you Gamma!" I love when we have our moments...they are few and and hard to come by, but I cherish them very much.
His affection is not easily won and I love when he gives me a WET kissie.
He is a big boy and can appear rough...however he is not and my favorite image of him is dragging his ragged, blue blankie behind him up the stairs. So sweet..........

Friday, June 4, 2010


When this little man takes my hand, I can feel the tug all the way to my heart. When he says, "Framma, I missed you..." I melt into a puddle. He is my Ray and a very special boy.

When he takes my hand, I will go wherever he wants me to.

And we have the best time of make believe...

And I cherish our special time together.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sairy (fairy) Garden

So our oldest granddaughter decided she would come and spend the night "all by myself, because I love you Grandma HooHoo". She was very excited and couldn't wait for her parents and brothers to leave.
We were going to make a sairy garden.  Neither one of us is Martha Stewart, meaning we both got dirty, our clothes, our arms and legs. We scooped new dirt into the pots and then she picked out what plants to put in which pots and stuck them in the holes. Then came the funnest part...decorating them. She used sparkly stones, eggs, bird nests, a sairy house, moss and whirly gigs. We think they are of them even has a solar light which will help the sairies sind their way home. What do you think?

Then she said, "Grandma, I'm tired of being dirty, can I take a bath?" Of course, my darling...and she had the best time and turned into a prune. Then we did her piggy toes and fingers in four different shades of pink and red.
After dinner and watching part of Heidi with Shirley Temple (which tickled me to no end), we tried to go nigh night. We did end up looking at the moon and "Grandma, look at the stars, I never see those at home".
In the morning, I actually made pancakes and sausages and she set the table so pretty and folded the napkins under the silverware. "Who taught you that?" "I saw it on Oso." Then she disappeared...and came back with some sparkly fabric for the table and Grandpa HooHoo graciously moved everything and helped her place the cloth.
She was very proud of herself and we thought it was lovely.
Then we took her home.

And...the house was very quiet without her...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Uh oh (in the words of our Ladybug)

How did you get up there Frampa and how in the world will you get down?

Frampa has an appointment to see Dr. John on Thursday for a cortisone shot for his injured shoulder.
Uh oh!