Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Official

I now have had the loooongest birthday celebration in the family. It has been almost a year since my last birthday. I had a rocky year health wise.  I had asked Handsome for tickets to see Sarah Brightman. She was to perform in March of this year. Well, she postponed 'til September. And now I must tell you about my weekend.

Handsome's McQueen car is fixed and we got to go cruising.

After a very rough week, Handsome enjoyed the relaxation of a purring motor under his capable hands, no traffic. And most importantly NO ROAD CONSTRUCTION. There is something about the autumn air blowing through your hair. The shimmering light on your skin, the golden fields zipping by. The smell of apples is in the air. It gives me a nostalgic, longing feeling, that almost makes me cry. It is all so BEAUTIFUL.

Handsome insisted on taking us out for dinner. We went to our favorite restaurant. It is on the way to the concert. The skies turned dark and rain looked imminent. We were seated immediately. Handsome's prime rib was done perfectly and was so large it was hanging over the plate. My chicken kabob was moist and juicy, the vegetables done well with a bit of char, but not soggy. I love the lemon sauce that comes with. Handsome had the forethought to bring a cooler, so leftovers are on the menu the next couple of days.

Then the concert. Sarah is lovely with the voice of an angel. We had excellent seats and could see and hear wonderfully. My only complaint was: the backgrounds of space and lightning and drawings were so busy, she would get lost among them. Her costumes were beautiful and she did many changes in a small amount of time. The lights from the stage also would shine in the audiences eyes. I whispered to Handsome...Seizure?  And we would laugh.

Here is an potpourri of her show. The second half was most enjoyable. She sang Phantom of the Opera and Time to Say Goodbye.

So it's official. Happy birthday to the Fairy Grandmother...who has the longest running birthday ever!
Thanks Handsome for a most wonderful, beautiful birthday. Thank you Jesus for the incredible day.