Saturday, June 8, 2013

Breaking the silence

Well, its been a long time since I wrote anything. Partly lazy (a lot lazy), partly very sick, small part busy. Spring's wonders came and went. My most favorite the lilacs. I really think heaven will smell like that. Lily of the valley, oh my, grow along the front of the house. Due to my lack of oomph I didn't even bring so much as one of those into the house. I am kicking myself still. The tulips which I planted last year were glorious. Those didn't get into the house either. Thanks to my grandchildren I had a small bouquet that they picked to brighten up the place.

We have had 5 birthdays already this year. It is now June and I am still lost in April. Where has the time gone? Anybody? Buehler?

I'll share some snippets of the past months here. Actually they are photographs, but I like the word snippets...a captured shot of time...

Christmas, Grandpa and grandkids
who could ask for anything more?

So beautiful with the sun on his hair...

6 years old how fast the time is going!

Our biggest little baby in his first play.
I would say the word ham comes to mind.

The iconic time of year when their ages are
A really special snippet in time.

Our littlest Rose turned 4. Unbelievable...she is a wonder.
And he turns 6 and the magical birth order is over for another year. (76643)

Hey Middle Rose...I will follow you wherever you go!


She is getting to be such a young lady.
She could charm the shoes off of a punkin horse.
Sunshine on his face...what a Ray!

I love Grandpa hugs!