Sunday, July 25, 2010

...I thought we had sorever...

Only 3 days old and she had my heart.

By the age of one, I knew she was my "bosom friend" as Anne of Green Gables so aptly put it.

Age 2
Her love of all things chocolate...hmmm.
Her love of Barbies...hmmm.
Her girliness, love of pink, purple and sparkles...hmmm.
Hmmm does that remind you of anyone?

Age 3
How happy it makes me to see her complete joy and excitement over things I do for her.

Age 4
I am lovesick and my heart is full to bursting as I think of this day and how she told me "I love my cake Baba HooHoo".

Now she is sive years old...I cannot believe where the time went.  She is the ultimate "Time Bandit"...she has shown me just how fast the years are going...
And I thought we had sorever to play Barbies, and Princesses and Pirates...But she is sive now and school is looming on the horizon...I must capture all of the moments and hold them inside my heart...and remember all of our times in our world of make believe.  I hope she will remember them sorever too. And the tears are running down my cheeks as I write
 I love you my Rose...
Happy Birthday!