Sunday, June 6, 2010

Baby Wild Blonde Boy

"Hey Baby Wild Blonde Boy", I say to him and he says "What?" and I say, "I yove you." And he  answers "Yove you." All of a sudden one day he smiled real cute at me and said, "Baby Gamma HooHoo...I yove you." And he giggled, cause he knew he was making a joke. He thought of that all by myself. So smart!
One day I was holding him on my lap on the rocky chair...I started rocking and singing..."Yo Ho. Yo Ho a pirate's life for me."   He asked me to sing more (and if you heard me sing, you'd wonder why he said more.) and so we sang together and sailed over rough seas and a full moon with the wind in Pirate Wild Blonde Boy's curls. And the game of pirate was born...We use our foam swords and say "All sor one and one sor all." And he tells his sister, "Go way, I playing wiss gamma all mysels." He really likes the pirate game. (We do let sister join in, she loves to be the mermaid.)
One day he was looking for a dvd...I couldn't figure out which one he wanted. He proudly held up "Veggie Tales, The Pirates who don't do anything". "See, I tole you Gamma!" I love when we have our moments...they are few and and hard to come by, but I cherish them very much.
His affection is not easily won and I love when he gives me a WET kissie.
He is a big boy and can appear rough...however he is not and my favorite image of him is dragging his ragged, blue blankie behind him up the stairs. So sweet..........


  1. Grandma of a Pirate....another thing to add to life's cute...the two of you would make a fearsome duo if ever encountered on the high seas.:o)

  2. What would his pirate name be Liam the Lovable or Wild Willy? I'm glad you two (sometimes 3 soon to be 4) have such grand adventures on the high seas. Just make sure you're home for dinner!--Bill