Friday, September 24, 2010

Just a few more summer memories

 The smokey joe birthday party.
Boy it hurts when you put your arm down! And that's just what I did. I whined for days about the burn on my elbow.
 That's the way to go down a slide!

 Our youngest and his great grandma.
 Ray kept the birthday secret until Grandpa had the package in his hands.  Then Ray whispered loudly, "Its a helicocker."

Our middle Rose proudly showed Grandpa the birthday card she made for him.

It appears that 3 supermen er, ah superwomen stopped by.

Helping Grandpa blow out the candles

The three cousins.

Where is my super hero? Why mama, Batman is right next to you.

Ahoy maties, there be pirates among us.

Grandpa and his girlies!

Grandpa and his girlies.