Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How good it feels, the hand of an old friend...

The day was beautiful and full of conversation.

Is that the profile of someone we know?

It seemed that even the rocks had lips and could talk.

Louis canyon...one way in and one way out.
It was beautiful, the sandstone of the rocks is soft enough to write your name with your fingernail. The leaves fell gently from the sky. It was a haunting, magical place. Someone was drumming which added to the eerieness of the place. It has been very dry this fall, so the paths were not muddy or very wet. The disappointing part was there were no waterfalls.

Our friends told us they had never seen the park so crowded. We had trouble finding a parking place. I said it reminded me a bit of Disney World only the sweat was not flowing down my umm, well you know. Some places we had to wait to get down the paths...the crowd did thin out some and we were able to enjoy the beauty of this place.

We ended up at one of my favorite places...Skoogs!
Just the words homemade fried chicken and homemade mashed potatoes send me into a swoon.
A delicious end to a wonderful day!


  1. I so love getting together with a friend you haven't seen in a while....even better when hubby's are friends & you have the best of both worlds for a day. Looks like you had a wonderful time!:o)

  2. Glad you a had a good time with old friends. Nice pics.--Bill

  3. I'm glad you guys got to have a nice day! Next time we will watch sargie poo! I want to go sometime.

  4. Love the post! It was a great day. Fun pictures, your camera does a better job than ours! AND YUM to the chicken and potatoes..YUM OH! I miss us. dori