Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Like a kick in the stomach

That's how we all felt after the Children's Memorial train wreck. Such disappointment, I felt like all the wind was gone from my body. Nothing was discovered...except our Ladybug is not mal- nourished...which is a testimony to her mama and daddy. My Ray's behavior was wonderful and his concern for his sister was something considering he is only 3.  Well, I guess it is onward and upward from here. 
Thought I would post a few of my favorite photos.

Ladybug loves Grandpa

So sweet

Beautiful Boys...no Grandma HooHoo, we're Handsome!

This happens sometimes....

Thanks for the prayers...we still need them.


  1. Awww, all the grandbabies are sooooo sweet!

  2. You're one lucky Grandma Hoo Hoo!

  3. First of all....we are praying and will continue. I tell you what...Juliana is a cutie pie. Second, that's quite the pucker Liam has. Such sweet brothers.:0) Lastly, you have some cute grandbabies.

  4. Greats pics. If Juliana's dress was blue I swear she was on her way to Oz.--Bill