Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Biohazard and Happy New Year

Yes that stone on the right is my gallstone...It is about the size of an acorn. It is hard as a rock and I am glad to have it and my very inflamed gallbladder out. Handsome took very good care of me. The first two days were rough. I am much improved...the burping and gas have calmed down some...I am hoping it continues. I have 4 small stab wounds which are healing well. They were closed with something like crazy glue. So amazing.

Thanks for the flowers Auntie Val and Uncle Randy. They are still lovely and doing well.
I also received a basket of plants and flowers from work.

The cards really tickled me. My two friends sub consciously remembered my beagle and Snirt the blonde kitty.
Thanks for the prayers.
Happy New Year to all.


  1. We are also glad you are doing better, Mom! Especially your ray of sunshine- who was very worried!

  2. Wow! That stone was huge! I am so glad you're doing better. We miss our baba hoo hoo!

  3. Thank you for posting a pic.:0) I've wondered what one looks like.... Glad your superglued self is doing well & that you had such a good caretaker. The flowers are very pretty.

  4. such a little stone causes so much trouble? Glad it's out and your feeling better.--Bill