Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Disney Part Tres The Characters

One of my favorite characters, Belle...She was very attentive to the children as you can see by the look on our Rose's face.

Our biggest littlest baby had no fear of the characters...he loved them all. Poor Donald, out in the blazing sun...also no touchy Donald, baby boy, you just had a popscicle!

Little did we know...Goofy is part of our family tree!

Kisses from my wild blonde boy...We are at breakfast at the castle and everybody ate and enjoyed!

This picture says Magic to me...

The characters couldn't have been nicer and more gentle.


Awww Awww

Rapunzel was the hardest to see. They have shorter visiting times for her. She did spend a nice amount of time with our middle Rose. The hair...the hair...every girls dream. How much "Wen" would that take?

Who do THOSE two belong to?
(Waiting for Mickey)

Boys!   Girls!  The picture says it all.


  1. Great pics, and such a great time. I see a Christmas Card photo in there!--Bill

  2. Love all the photos and the captions! I think Goofy may be in our Christmas card :)

  3. It looks like a great time.