Monday, August 13, 2012

A Big Thank You to Angel Abby's and Rita's MOM

Dear Jackie,
Thank you so much for the grand prize! It is truly a Major Award. I must tell you, I did receive the box last week and if you know me and presents you would be astonished that I waited for today to open it. I was all over the state last week and the weekend was full, but I wanted to document the opening, the finding and the reading. With the help of Handsome (my husband) we did just that. Hope you enjoy as the story unfolds.

The anticipation is building. I had to wear my signature pink sweatshirt.
When I don't wear it the grandkids don't recognize me.
You even spelled my name right!

Right now Burley is more interested in his chewey.
But wait!

Sarge is admiring the bag...
It goes very well with my signature sweatshirt!
I love it.
But wait!

Don't I look like a fashionista?
That rarely happens to me, I am usually way off trend.

One of the best parts...
I have their interest now.
Guess what?

They loved them and thank you so much!
They are in our dog treat jar on the counter to be doled out as extra special treats.

And now the bestest part!
They listened attentively as I read
"What the Dog Ate".
And believe me, we could all identify.

Hope this doesn't give them more ideas!
Thanks again Jackie!
Love from Sargie Poo Poo, Burley Butt and Baba HooHoo.


  1. Oh Hooray! I'm so glad the whole pack is enjoying the goodies!!

    The bag looks fabulous with your signature pink sweatshirt!

    Hmmm, yes, hope those oh-so-cute pups of yours don't get any ideas from Kona! They look pretty sweet - hopefully Kona's nawty dawg ways won't rub off on them.

    Thanks for the lovely post! :)

  2. Jackie, I forgot to thank you for the cookbook and the bookmark, (did you make it? Love the dog bone and the colors, PINK of course). Am looking forward to reading your book for real.

  3. My sister made the bookmark - yes, it HAD to be pink!

    Hope you enjoy the book!

  4. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! The Dogs seem very intersted in whatever you are reading to them.--Bill

  5. The dogs seem to enjoy the prize as much as you do! you are a winner!