Thursday, December 6, 2012

O sister of mine

Do you remember ...

Mom and Dad would take us to see the "real" Santa. He had his own little house right by the train station where Dad worked. We stood outside in the never seemed long to me. Seems you were almost 2 here and I was 5. Aren't we so cute in our hats? I don't remember what I asked for. You were certainly brave sitting on his lap.

Christmas Eve we would all get in the car and go for a drive. Maybe Santa would come while we were gone. I remember the time it was like a Christmas card. Our Dad drove slowly through the streets that were filling with snow. It was dark out...what was that? And there in the road with the lights from the street lamps falling on him was Santa! Dad pulled up a long side of him...Mom asked him where his reindeer were...He said they were several streets over, he was letting them rest. We said good bye to his "HOHOHO". We checked several streets for the reindeer, but alas, nothing.

However upon arrival home we found our presents under the silver tree (which was all the rage back then) and he had eaten the cookies and milk.

Our Mom always said she became a Santa believer that night and it was magical...

Yes sister and BabaHoohoo
There is a Santa.


  1. Of course there is a santa, who said there wasn't?

  2. That DOES sound like a magical night!!

  3. Great story, sounds like a truly magical night.--Bill