Friday, May 29, 2015

Beware the Bubbas

They will capture your heart and NEVER let it go!
I can't like snakes...
Daddy fell down and hit his head.
They called 111.
I got a balloon.
Me and my brudder were scared.

We went to the hossible...(hospital)
Daddy had to take off his shirt...even the white one.
I saw his neeples.
It weally cweeped me out gwandpa.
#1 doing fine, thank you Jesus.

Can you see me run I as fast as flash?
Can you see my arms move?

Come and see what I did Grandma.

Can you see me run Grandma?
Can you see my arms move?
"No I can't see are soooo fast!"

Iggy, piggy, ziggy is warm as toast after our
Biggest, little baby tucked him in. (and yes, he
still lets me call him baby).


  1. It's always a party when the Bubbas get together. Can wait for vacation.--#2

  2. I love the bubbas so much!!

  3. Oh the bubbas, they just melt my heart