Monday, September 19, 2011

The Happiest Place on Earth

 So I am trying to get excited about this extra special trip we are taking. I always feel that we are r*aped by Disney because they hold you hostage at their park and can charge lots of money for food and what nots and make you stand in line forever and there is no shade or places to sit for weary old people and the water costs a small fortune (I know nobody is holding a g*un to my head to make us go). But then I remember these faces...

and I grin and bear it and ready myself
and as
I whistle while I work 
 I think I can feel the love tonight
and see the colors of the wind
 and I will wait for my prince to come home
and I will ask him if this is love!
To the happiest place on earth...
Where dreams come true!
Hakuna Matata to you...


  1. It's going to be awesome! Take a Xanax--we all will, then we won't care :) boy does Liam look little...

  2. What you really should do, is get a picture of everyone crying in front of the magic kingdom and then title it "the happiest place on earth". Just saying... hee hee.

  3. Have fun!!!!!:0) Can't wait to see the pictures.