Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am having a weepy day. Handsome asked me to go through the girls old school papers. I thought that sounded like fun. I had a big box full of papers and as I sorted through it I felt so proud of our oldest's grades and awards.
Her awards were many and her stories were full of bicycles, cycling gloves, times with her Daddy and her bike ride with him...the Udder Century. Her drawings were wonderful and neat and precise. Comments from the teachers were complimentary.

And there she is up above with her most favorite teacher, Mrs. Schert. She was my favorite too.

Here is an example of her artwork.

This story made my stomach hurt and I felt sad. Never cared for Ms. Parks for my oldest dear girl who would tighten her pony tail when she was nervous. I finished going through the grade school stuff and started on the high school papers. Woven throughout the papers was her love of SCIENCE...a test she had taken to see what her interests were...SCIENCE...and her declaration of independence telling about our family dynamics which made the buttons burst off of my shrt. Headaches played a major role in her high school years and still they plague her. Wish I could take them away.
My heart was full thinking how blessed we were with this daughter (you too fall fairy, I haven't done yours yet, will have to wait to do that on a nice cheery day, I can't cry anymore today). I started to weep. Handsome came down and told me to stop sorting papers.
I felt sad for many things...that the time went so fast, that I didn't spend enough individual time with each girl, that I didn't appreciate all they did and how they behaved.

Then I found 4 thick, blue folders. What in the world? It was such a treasure, email from college! Email had just started and Wenna Woo is not so good on the phone, but oh she can write. I had a wonderful time reading certain ones...seeing how well she managed what little money we sent her and how she met her wonderful husband and some back and forth with her sister. They love each other...I was so hoping that my girls would have a special bond. There is nothing more precious than a sister.

And this is how I looked after 2-3 hours of sorting and remembering. Good memories yes, but bittersweet because of the speed of time.

I love you so much my oldest, special girl!


  1. Makes me weepy...and thinking that maybe I should go hug & kiss my kids even though they are sound asleep. How special that you kept all those memories. I think it takes such a good mom to see & know each of her children's strengths and opportunties and develop them like you did with your girls. I can tell that Jaime is a mom like that (I've noticed that in our chats many times and I'm sure Jenna is as well). Looking forward to seeing Jaime's.:0)

  2. Aw Mom, you've been a great Mom, don't sell yourself short. Mrs. Schert was my favorite teacher, I'm glad I had her after Ms. Parks (blech). Now I see where Juliana gets her crooked jaw- hahaha. Love you!