Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Disney Part Uno

Look who we ran into at the airport! We stayed at a hotel close to the airport and they still beat us through security! Handsome, as usual got the X Ray!

Our wild blonde boy played good guys and bad guys until Mama, Papa and the kids walked the moving sidewalk until it was time to board.

After a short time of crying, this happened!

After a short time of not crying...this happened!

Middle Rose was very excited and this is how she stayed! Mama stayed brave the whole time!

This is what we saw upon take off.  Cool clouds reflected in the water below. Sure is a short runway at the airport and when we took off it felt like a rocket ship! Straight up!

The wing please! What movie is that from?

After being picked up in a nice bus and registering, our luggage arrived (thank God cause we had long pants on), we changed and went to find food!

Happy faces on the bus! We got a seat this time.

We were in the hot seat! I think the bus's motor was right under us.

Handsome was quite taken with that little hand around the neck and captured this priceless photo...

Love your tender side Handsome...
Next post, my love - hate relationship with Mickey.


  1. I won't comment on the picture of my 12 chins. Fortunately all I have are happy memories!

  2. Looks like a good time. Maybe next time you'll let my family come with... LOL!

  3. Great pics that show a great time. Thanks for coming with us.--Bill

  4. Looks like fun times & wonderful memories.