Sunday, October 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

This fall was so glorious. The weather, the colors, the light! It made my heart hurt. Does that make any sense to you?

Take a picture of these leaves, Grandma! said my Ray of Sunshine. They reminded us of Indian feathers and we put one in Jumpin' J's hair, 2 on Finchy's collar and 1 in Ray's hair.

This is what I got to gaze at for a week or so between 6pm and 6:10pm...(any later and the light would change) just lovely...takes your breath away! Oh and the "Moo" as my Jumpin' J says, was full and bright.

This boy is doing his best to fill Chili's spot. He is awfully boney, bonier than usual, but his tail is wagging now and he is eating a bit. He snuggled up so close to me one night on the couch. He melted into me and I could feel his heart sigh and ease up a bit and mine too.

This face! Need I say more?

She's trying to let her heart heal. But its not the same :( No luxurious coat to run her fingers through.

Who would have thought? Look at her go...and she listens when you tell her to turn around!

She can pull that heavy wagon over my foot quite easily! She is a feisty one. She also gave me a black eye. Her head is definitely made out of black box material.

Enjoying cookies he and #1 made.

Mom came to visit last weekend. The weather was heavenly and we got to sit outside on the swing a lot and enjoy the colors, the sky and the fresh air. Her favorite thing though is doing work. She washed some of my windows for me! 87 and still going strong, WOW. Thanks MOM.


  1. Lovely pictures mom :)

  2. It was a nice visit, and Noah is eagerly waiting this week's visit too :-)

  3. Haha...the last pic is a great one!:0) So glad to see your grandbabies clearly "thriving". Beautiful fall pics too.