Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Wild Blonde Boy

Well my cowboy, hi yo Silver, awaaaay...
You are really a Marrrrrio fan, a Donkey Kong fan and an Anry Bird fan (yes he says anry)...but to
please your Granpa you put on the hat and guns he gave you and posed like a trooper (not to be confused with a Koopa).
Happy Birthday to my gentle boy, who loves to play with his "stuff" animals too.
He has played Mario carts nicely with me. Even when he has to pick up my Weegee (Luigi) on his shoulders and have Marrrrio carry him cause, "Granma I can't stand it anymore" (That would be me being killed by those evil mushrooms or the maneating plants).
"Press "A" Granma, press "A"  ohhhhhhhh :(."
He puts his "Listening Ears" on when I read them a story. He is a good helper and he loves chocolate milk, marshmellows, hot dogs and peanut butter and jelly. We talk about many subjects such as tornados and losing your memory. He is very smart and you can reason with him. He is a chip off the old Mama block.
Happy Birthday to my Wild Blonde Boy who has also taught me so much.
Love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, my sweet son--that I love soooo much!

  2. Happy B-Day my wild blonde boy--Papa