Friday, June 15, 2012

End of School Year Memories

Best 1st little pig ever!
He did a great job!
And looked adorable...

Best graduate from preschool ever!
Ask grandpa...

Bravest boy ever!
Came home with me for TWO overnights!
He came far!
And he was brave...although when we got on the first highway taking him far away from home, you could hear a pin drop in the car. I would reach back and touch him...told him he was brave and told him where we were and what we would do.
The first night I laid on the other bed til he fell asleep. The second night he said, "Grandma, could you wake me up and tell me when you're going to leave?"
The chart of the solar system in the background is one our two girls would use to travel to outspace.
Ray drew the solar system. Yes we included Pluto...Pluto will always be a planet to me.

Huge memories here of the Dolly dancing in her ballet receitals. Our middle Rose did a great job, she remembered all the steps. She was brave too! And looked lovely...
Her first ballet receital with more to come, I hope.
As a special treat afterward, the Lord led us to a family of swans with EIGHT babies,
and not one of them was an ugly duckling.
AND Rose and I each found a swan feather.
So magical.
And this is just the beginning. . .


  1. Great pics! Time is flying by!!!--Bill

  2. Liam is one rocking pig! Great pics Gamma!

  3. Great pictures grandma hoo hoo! They are growing up too fast!