Monday, January 26, 2015

Nature Helps

I had a busy day...had to coordinate a doctor's appointment for Antique Rose with my dear, darling sister...tried to figure out the medical bills from Mercy(good Lord, good luck with that), went on errands and then home to have lunch. Corned beef on rye, wasn't nearly as good as I was hoping and I don't know why.
Vacuumed and felt all achy and tired. Read a bit of a book and the phone rang. It was my cousin, my Dad's twin brother passed away yesterday. That side of the family is gone now. I feel a heaviness inside. I saw him last year when my Aunt died...he was the same but fragile. Our families had lost touch over the years...but I still remember him so clearly...the brush haircut, the snapping, smiling blue eyes, ready to laugh at a moments notice and the string of words that could come out of his mouth...he swore like a sailor (and he was).
After we hung up, the heaviness on me was oppressive. I bundled up and the boys and I entered the backyard to scoop all kinds of things. The snow was falling like powdered sugar and it stuck to my eyelashes. The air was cold and still. I finished that chore and went to the front to shovel off a bit of snow collecting on the driveway. The sadness was still there, but I felt better.
Thank you for the healing of nature, Jesus. Thank you that you are in control. Thank you that you hold the future.


  1. I remember uncle rob too. Not the swearing part, just the smile.

  2. I have nice memories of him and going up to Wisconsin to see them.