Monday, January 19, 2015

Out of the comfort zone

So, this year I have been talking to myself. I want to try and be more spontaneous and get out of my cocoon which I have woven tightly around myself. Hopefully myself will listen and I will even remember what it was I said. Anyway, today after visiting with the antique Rose I got not that kind...for the car! However the needle was on the orange part! What you say? Yep, I waited that long to get it. It was closing in on E...E for empty!  Generally as the needle heads to the halfway mark I am at the station pumping...
I must say it is a pleasure filling up the car these days. $24.00 filled the car up, $1.97/gal.  Remember the good old days...when I got my first car, gas was 25 cents! Yikes.

A Plymouth Duster
My first car
Think I paid $1000.00 for it brand new.
My parents lent me the money.
I had a job and paid them every month 'til it was all mine.
I found this picture on the internet...I don't know who to credit.
I am now driving a Buick...yes I am driving my mother's car. No wait! She had a white Mustang with opera windows. It was very slick.
I did own a Dodge Stealth for a while. Best car I ever owned, fast, warmed up quickly, handled like a dream in the snow and ice. Handsome hunted it down and bought it for me. It was my mid-life crisis car. One of these days I will post a picture.
One step out of the comfort zone...even if it is a small one.

Now if I could just be as brave as this littlest Rose!
Well, I'll work on that...


  1. Go mama go!! Did the gas light turn on? I would be hyperventilating.

  2. I can't believe you let the gas tank get that low, if we had done that as kids we would have gotten yelled at! I just paid 1.85 for gas and it was less than $30 for almost 16 gallons!