Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grandma's Heart

Well, this Whensday was my first day watching my three grandchildren...and I must say I was tired. Not because anyone was difficult...its just the way things are when you get older.

However my grandma's heart was overflowing on this day. Especially from the very good behavior of my oldest granddaughter and some of the things she said and did.

But FIRST...

I must tell you a Fall Fairy story. I was yelling(can you believe it) at the tiny Fall Fairy (many years ago) to pick up her doll clothes and she said what is now a very famous line in our family.

"But mama, my dolly only has one clo!"
Well, fast forward to now and the Fall Fairy's oldest. She and I were playing store and she said, "I have to go shopping because Jasmine only has one clo!" I almost fell off of the chair. I said "What did you say?" And she said "Jasmine only has one clo, I mean clothes!". I told her the mama story and she looked very pleased with herself.

Then we were coloring on a tray on the floor. She was working very hard. She said it hurt her elbow sometimes when she colors and her knees get sore from sitting on the hard ground. Anyway she wanted to sit on the couch and finish her big cookie that I had brought her and her brother (who took a 3+ hour nap).She sat close to me and put her arm around me. I said which elbow hurts you...she said the one that's around you Grandma but it doesn't hurt now. Then she kissed me and left sugar crumbs on my cheek. "I wish my tongue was longer and I could lick off the the crumbs", I told her. Then she gave me the sweetest kiss on the lips and I melted into a puddle on the floor.

We have the best conversations.
She told me she had been at the neighbor's house playing with her little friend. She got a small boo boo while she was there. I inquired if anyone kissed it for her. She said no, she kissed it herself cause she could reach it!
Later, she wanted to play with her baby doll. "I can't play with any of my toys, not even the pretend baby, cause my brudder is taking a nap!" Next time I promised her we would get all of the toys she wanted to play with out of their room before the nap. I told her I was sorry she couldn't get dressed cause all of her clothes were up there too, but she looked beautiful in her "nigh nigh" dressie.
She decided she had to go potty. "Grandma! Come here, I want to show you something". I got off the floor rather stiffly by this time. "See Grandma, its Charlotte, but she's dead now!". I told her I like Charlotte but only when she is outside. "Grandma, I like Charlotte best when she is squashed!"
I am looking forward to many more conversations with all of my grandchildren! My Grandma's heart is overflowing.


  1. I like Charlotte best when she's squished too. And I'm glad our dolly's all have more than one clo now.

  2. I'm glad you had such a nice day.--Bill