Thursday, December 10, 2009


Yes, we love our red meat. The thicker, the fatter, or should I say well marbled, on the grill and from our special butcher Bob Madl. We were so sad to find out that he has had to close his business due to the economy. We wish him well and we will miss him and his slogan,

"You can't beat Madl's meat!"

And that's the truth!


  1. A little part of Bill died when he heard about Madl's...

  2. Oh no....from what I hear butcher's become part of the extended family. Sorry for your loss....

  3. I am wearing all black and have not stopped crying for a week now. Can we get Don Mclean to write a song about the day the Burcher died? Bye Bye Miss New York Stip. Drove my chevy to the Butcher but the Butcher was dry.... Bill

  4. A big part of Ryan died when he heard about Madl's, especially because of the bacon.

  5. I don't know how I can go on. No NY Strip, No Prime Rib at Christmas, No Bacon. No Right Wing comments from my favorite butcher. It's so sad.