Monday, April 25, 2011

He is risen indeed!

The sun shone brightly on our Easter Sunday (which was really Saturday) and littlest Rose's birthday celebration. We bought both of the Roses beautiful dressies and stuffed eggs for THE hunt. We ate a huge prime rib, 13 lbs to be exact and devoured some ladybug cake and homemade peanut butter cups!

THE roast!

And my Ray said, "Momma, sister looks like a princess!"

Looking for eggs...

The middle Rose was so kind...she helped the mini Rose and made sure she got enough eggs.

And my Wild Blonde Boy chose an egg from his basket and gave it to the mini Rose!

And she opened and liked the paper best while the middle Rose, my Wild Blonde boy and my Ray helped her.

She knew she was the center...she loved being sung to and even ate her cake that Mama had made her.

Before and after peanut butter cups!

Doesn't everyone dance in their diaper during their birthday celebration!

Our biggest little baby loved laying by Chili, who graciously allowed it for the moment...he is quite lame and I have to give him credit...he is so gentle.

The 3 Roses, that is my Mom's hand.


  1. It was a good day! So much fun! Jenna

  2. It was super fun day!!!--Bill

  3. I really like the diaper dance picture :)