Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Phone calls

I got two phone calls last night. One was from my oldest telling me that Ray of Sunshine said I was his favorite Framma. (Now I know he rarely sees his other Framma...but to my starving heart it sounded like the world to me.) He then got on the phone and I told him he is my favortie 4 year old. He said thanks and then asked when we were coming to visit so I could read him a story. Last time we visited, he and I had the best time reading Curious George and watching the movie from the library. That Curious George! He gets into a lot of trouble!

My second phone call was from my special Rose asking me if I could please make lemon poppy seed muffins. She has discovered she LOVES them, they are her FAVORITE. They are my favorite too.
Of course I said yes. The last time we had our special day together she made them with my supervision and she did an excellent job.
She also set up ALL the Barbie stuff on the bed so we could play and I wouldn't have to sit on the floor. What a nice day!
I have a photo to upload, but it is not letting me.


  1. Awww. Isn't it nice to be loved by your grandchildren?

  2. Rori does love her Poppy seed muffins. I am glad that you two had such a nice special day together.--Bill

  3. Sounds like some nice phone calls!