Monday, April 18, 2011

Seriously? Really!#*

You know what today's date is, right...and what is that frozen white stuff all over the ground. While beautiful, yes? But isn't it April showers, not April frozen white stuff that you have to scrape off your car! God moves in mysterious ways.
I think the forsythia are shivering...

It is pretty though.

Scraping a car in April...who knew it could be so fun.

Sargie poo poo was not real happy about this change of landscape!


  1. Bummer!!!! Wow, you got snow! It just spit white stuff by us & then went back to rain.

  2. Ugh!! You got more than us. I was very surprised this morning when I woke up. Pretty pictures, though!

  3. We didn't get anything, just rain :-( Noah was sad.