Wednesday, July 4, 2012


November 1994

We rescued you from a shelter.  I chose you. You were barking like mad, but I wasn’t afraid of you. We brought you home.  You were a nice dog, except for the incessant barking and escaping from our yard and house. You ate Ducky and 2 trees.  I was never afraid when Handsome went out of town.  You were a great guard dog.

You were Handsome’s dog.  He loved you very much.  I on the other had did not give you my heart for 7 years. 

When I did I loved you very much. You finally stopped jumping up on everyone.

Your appearance was beautiful. Your coat was luxurious and you had an undercoat and molted every spring and fall.  I always wanted a sweater made from your beautiful fur.

As the years went on, your hips started to give you 
trouble. We did our best, getting you shots, helping you up and down the stairs with a towel. The girls and I even stomped down the ice and snow so you could go potty.

You were 15 when we went to Florida on vacation. We put you in a kennel. You loved going there. When we returned, Handsome found out that you had died. The owners buried you under an oak tree.
We miss you Bear. Even I…yes, even I.


  1. He was a special dog. I remember when he would lay by my bed, in front of the fan, and sit up and make me pet him.

  2. Sad I never got to meet him.--Bill

  3. A damn good dog. Even if he always vomited right outside my bedroom door so I would step in it in the morning.

  4. Only Chili Dawg could rival him for looks. Certainly the most handsome dog I ever had. And I still miss him so many years later. Will see him at the rainbow bridge though.