Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Shame

Well, I feel I have to share this...I have been following one of the people who went on a Compassion International visit to Haiti. I am appalled at the conditions there. Tears run down my cheeks as I read. I am wondering why it hasn't made the news lately. I am convicted to help a child.

I went to the website. Pick a child...what? How do you pick one? A boy maybe...who would grow up to be a leader and a responsible man and father...there were older boys on the sight...would a younger boy need help more? Then I looked at the girls...the girls are the ones who care for the babies that they are left with...a girl...hmmm...What country, Haiti, one that is full of aids or one that has very endangered children?

How do you chose...who am I to chose...do I chose mosquito nets or clean water in more of a generic attempt...I went back and forth all day...let Compassion chose? I prayed, I thought, I got distracted...my printer broke...I spent much too much time on that...soon it was late...I did not chose any child...I blame it on the printer...how important is that blasted printer when children need help?

I bow my head in shame...Dear God help me chose today...I do want to help...so many times I think "they", "they" need to help and as I am pointing the finger, the rest are pointing back to me.


  1. It's hard to to figure out where the need is the greatest. Continue to pray and God will lead to where you are suppose to give.--Bill

  2. It is so hard to choose. I can't wait to see his picture!