Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yes Chef!

So on our vacation this young man was in charge of our menus, cooking and grocery lists.

Before everyone was up, he was already concocting a wonderful breakfast for us.
One day it even included hamburgers. Handsome was VERY happy.
He had plans for lunch each day.
And dinners, they were to die for.
In the kitchen, he is a one man band. One of the evenings, he was making frozen pizza, roasting garlic, putting together an alfredo sauce, grilling chicken and hamburgers and guess what I did? I stirred the sauce and got together some garlic bread.
#1 is something to watch. He is a Food Scientist after all.
He does all this without complaining or yelling. (I did ask him if his back ever hurt, he said no, so there, that explains his lack of crabby!?)
This is the night we had Tex Mex Chicken with homemade croutons, lime dressing and avocados. (I cut up the romain!)
He is married to Cinderella. And she is a DARN good sweeper.
A great family to be on vacation with and if the End of the World comes, #1 will feed us well.
Thank you #1...we love you!
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  1. Thanks, from your #1 minion

  2. Damn, my husband is HOT! And FYI, his back does hurt- he's always like, "can you maybe rub my back for me?"

  3. We never want to go on vacation without the Chef and Cinderella again!

  4. Thanks #1 for all you do to make our vacations, just that a vacation. Even if we do get harassed about the amount of time it take us to grocery shop.--#2