Saturday, March 13, 2010

#2 I liked him first...

Well, I met #2 son-in-law at work...I was not happy to have another young man sitting next to me...I had just had a bad experience with one who was disrespectful and extremely rude.  I must say #2 was not that way at all.  I would come home from work and tell Handsome about how nicely he talked about his grandparents and that he had quads for brothers and sister. He reminded me of Handsome, always reading the newspaper, eating donuts with pop, loving sports and being nice to everyone. One time I was crying (shocker) and he was the only one at work who seemed to know what to do and he patted my shoulder...
I would jokingly ask him if he wanted to go and get one of my daughters and bring them home from college. He always politely declined...until he met the Fall Fairy. (She worked with us over Christmas.)
This was one of their first dates.
I was nervous about Bill not being saved. But unbeknowst to us, he accepted the Lord in a terrible snowstorm after watching a few trucks go off the interstate on his way to visit the Fall Fairy.
He asked Handsome for her hand...and guess who was his bestman?

His much loved Grandpa!

#2 is only #2 because he is #2, but he is equally #1 as well. And I do mean it. Huh?

Papa and his girls...
Papa and his little wild, blonde boy...

And Papa and his biggest littlest baby...
Papa is always there for his children. He loves to play with them AND
 he makes a mean meatloaf and brownies!
Everybody loves Papa! So glad you're in the family #2!

Papa is 1 wild and crazy guy!


  1. Everybody does love papa--it's kind of ridiculous, but I can see why :)

  2. I didn't know that's how Jaime & Bill met. Such sweet pictures.

  3. Thank you for such nice words mother-in-law #1. Thank you for accepting me into your family with open arms. I could not imagine a better set of in-laws ever than you and Jim. I really appreciate the pics of the great white whale at the end there.---Bill (#2)

  4. Wow! Bill was young! Kidding billy bob, kidding. Yeah, we do love him.