Monday, March 1, 2010

I know what we did last weekend

We persuaded our oldest and her #1 husband to go on a date.  They went for lunch AND a movie. This is a biggie for them as they have been very tired and overwhelmed with the health problems of the little girl and sickness in the rest of the family too.
He almost had her to sleep!
Grandpa did an amazing job with the littlest Rose. She can be difficult, but Handsome has a special touch for delicate little girls.
She charmed the socks off of him and he did the same for her.  He even got her to eat 2 tubs of food. The bottle was a whole different story though...but he got to rocky her for a long time...something I am longing to do.
I did get "some" time with her too...
I also got to spend time with my Ray. We played all kinds of things and he would squirrel me away to the downstairs where he could have ALL of my attention.
Hey Grandma, I fishin!

We also took time out to enjoy the Valentine's goodies from Auntie Jaime and the middle Rose.

This is a face that is truly . . . beautiful. This is Finchy and he thinks I am his.
And this is Sargie poo poo telling Finchy, that I am his mother!
We decided to leave early Sunday, there was a threat of BIG snow...weathermen, wrong again, but they still make the big bucks. Anyway, Mama told Ray to stop crying and he said, (now pay attention, this is profound)...
"I not cryin, I whinin!"  How smart is that! And he was right...he wasn't cryin, just whinin. We all had a really good laugh over that one.
The time is flyin and my little Ray will be 3 years old this week...I can't believe it.


  1. Great pictures! Juliana is getting so tall and I can't believe Noah's gonna be 3!!!

  2. Nice pictures Mom! I know some of those are the ones I took! I love the one with Juliana almost asleep on Daddy!

  3. Great pics as always. Sounds like you had a busy but nice weekend.--Bill (#2)