Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to the First Baby We Ever Loved!

MOM: You have become such a wonderful, young woman. I was so scared when I had you, that I would hurt you in some way or do the wrong know all first babies are guinea pigs. You were the best baby...

DAD: For those who don't know, when you were a baby Johnny Rivers came out with the song "Slow Dancin' Swaying to the Music". I would put it on the stereo--they had these things called vinyl records back then and I would play it and dance with you all around the house. You would cling to me. When you got married, and we had the father/daughter dance that was the song I chose. Again you clung to me. Some very special memories.

Happy Birthday to our First Baby We Ever Loved!

And now, if you would indulge me and listen to :


  1. Happy Birthday, Jenna! I hope that the year ahead is an amazingly wonderful one for full of joy!

  2. Awww, I was cute! Thanks, Mom! Love you too.

  3. Happy B-day Jenna. I hope Ryan takes you some place nice and gets you something nicer. Really Jim, vinyl records? How old are you?--Bill (#2)

  4. Happy Birthday Wifey!!! Love you! Ryan

  5. You were cute Auntie Jenna! Happy Birthday!