Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The rest of the story...

Have you ever seen such a smile?
He lights up for Grandpa who has become the new Middle Rose...
Can you hear him thinking, "This is MY Grandpa
and I have him all to myself."
Have you ever seen such meaty hands or
such luxurious baldness?

Sargie wants His Mama back...
Grandma loves her baby kisses!
Even if he was awake from 3:15am 'til 5:30am ish
Don't make me go Papa! We had a great overnighter!


  1. Can I have him? Oh my gravy...he is CUTE! Love the pictures! Looks like you had a nice time.:O) Re: Dino eggs: All you have to do is get those little plastic dinos @ the $store, wrap play dough around them and stick them in a plastic Easter egg. The kids loved them! Their teacher did soap shavings around a plastic dino, too. So, Caleb used it for a few days in the bath and the dino finally hatched! Such clean fun!:O)

  2. He was very thankful that you took good care of him, as were we! He told me all about the good times he had! But poor sargie!

  3. Brendan told me he a great time and can't wait to come back for another sleepover. I am glad you had a nice time and got some really good pics out of it.--Bill