Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh What a Busy Day!

My best little helper! She said she was making them oh SO shiny...

Boots for being in the one wanted to wear them...I want the ones with flowers.

The middle Rose enjoyed digging in the dirt and finding things for our fairy garden...Our wild blonde boy...not so much

He liked swinging with gampa and then they disappeared into the house and emptied the sink of bubbles...didn't get any photos of that :(

This is beer batter bread that the 2nd Rose made all by herself...she loved when it bubbled and the yeasty smell made her sigh and say it smelled so good!

Nothing like swinging on a beautiful day...

Doesn't he look important? And handsome in those boots?

Mary, Mary was not contrary and her garden is growing quite well thank you very much!

Love the blue ant...

She helped me arrange my yard art...

And threw the ball for Sargie poo poo...

Maybe that's why he didn't want to wear the boots?!


  1. Looks like a perfect day! Cute boots too...those pull straps look like a good invention! Glad to see you made it out of time out.:o)

  2. Looks like fun Mom. I want the flower boots too. They would compliment my chucks nicely.

  3. NIce pis! Looks like you had a fun day. They are great little helpers aren't they.--Bill