Friday, April 16, 2010

When God is Silent

I want this to be a wise post, a comforting one, an uplifting one, something the Proverbs 31 woman would write...
But I am just me...and when God is silent to our can be a time of anger and hopelessness. It seems that our requests have fallen on deaf ears and Dear Jesus, we need some hope for our little girl and her mama and her daddy...they need a meadow in this storm...can you provide this for them?
My heart is hurting and I cannot change or control the situation...I can only give them back to you...but you are still silent...
We thought by her 1st birthday the eating problem would be about solved, but she has regressed and Lord we don't understand can this be?
Mama and Daddy are doing all they can with strength that they summon from who knows where (could it be You!)
I ask for this meadow and hope because my mama's heart is breaking for them...
You sent Holly at the right time...she has been a joy for them and even though I haven't met her, she must be wonderful, because my little Ray said, "Dear God, Thanks for sister and for Holly...Amen" Who could ask for better praise than that. 
And I know you're there and the family knows you're there, but a meadow Lord, please, just for a moment a sense of normalcy for this family...
I know about unanswered prayer because for 20 years I have been praying that you would take "The Headache" away from our Wenna is like a monster rearing its head many times...but as I think about it Lord, this thorn in her flesh has made her a very tough and determined young mother, wife and teacher. And so I must say, You in your infinite wisdom know what is best for all of our family.
Thank you that you hear me and understand, even this "Silence of God" because when you were kneeling in the garden, all your friends were sleeping and you were weeping all even in this you understand...
"The Silence of God" by Andrew Peterson helped me understand that you are there too, and you do understand that great and terrible feeling "When we're bleating for comfort from Thy staff and Thy rod and the heaven's only answer is the silence of God"


  1. Beautifully written--it's how we are all feeling now.

  2. I have heard so many people say that being a Grandma is the best BECAUSE you can enjoy the kids and give them back. Although that may be true....I am coming to realize that it also increases the number of little lives that you worry about, have concerncs about and stay up nights thinking about. I am really learning so much about being a praying mommy so that I can become a praying grandma b/c as your post clearly illustrates....there is power in a praying Framma....even when we feel like God is silent. So sorry.....we are praying that Monday will provide some answers.

  3. That was very well written. That is how we are all feeling.--Bill