Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guess what I got?

A New Camera!
I had gotten one for Christmas. I wanted a small camera to take on a trip. But for the life of me I couldn't focus and it had auto focus! I had other people try it and they couldn't either. I took it back.
Anyway, Handsome and our littlest big baby saw something Instapundit had written about a Sony camera...lo and behold it arrived on our doorstep...It is even tinier, but I can see the screen without my cheaters! Oh joy, oh bliss and it takes the most beautiful photos without flash and i can adjust the ISO and many other things. Thank you Sony, Handsome, littlest big baby and Instapundit.
PS...Dear Instapundit, do you know of a good vacuum that will do pergo without spitting everything back onto the floor!


  1. A new fun! It does take good pics but I think the person behind the camera has a lot to do with it too (and so do the subjects).:O) Ohhhh...I want to see a pic of the red door....I LOVE red doors!

  2. I want one! I think I have your first one! Great pics mom!

  3. Your computer is fixed? You remembered how to type? Jim let you use the computer? Whatever the reason I'm glad to see a new post! I glad you like you new camera.--Bill

  4. I'm glad you like this camera, mom!

  5. Hey, I get to finally see your post!! Of course I had to drive to Cincinnati to find a computer to look at it on!! I've had zero computer time at home to check instapundit about vacuums. Thought you liked the new one I bought you (us) a couple of weeks ago? Glad you like the camera--it makes me look almost good.