Monday, August 26, 2013

Lovely day

Our family's favorite past time...
The family who shucks together...
Stays together...

Couldn't believe how long they were on the trampoline.

Like I said we LOVE our corn.

Handsome finally got his birthday presents...
but I think his favorites are pictured here.

What is better than hugs and kisses.

Especially juicy ones.

You can't get a kiss out of this one often...
He likes to give you his forehead.

She loves her grandpa...
Even if his moustache smells like corn and butter.

He got them all except one on the cupcakes.

What a blessing this group of minions are.
Our quiver is full.
Thank you Jesus.


  1. It was a lovely day! Happy birthday, dad!

  2. It was a great day. I glad the old man finally got a B-day like the rest of us. One that never seems to end.--Bill

  3. It was a nice day! Happy birthday daddy!