Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Handsome

Happy birthday Mr. President!

Ravinia, what a nice venue.

What a sea of humanity...although I didn't get claustrophobia.

#1 had the great idea to get tickets!

Wenna Woo made wonderful strawberry shortcakes in a jar.

#2 wrangled the wagon, and that was a job and I'm not talking about the Dolly.
See the deadly red wagon...
Say what? Are we going to Florida?

An excellent spread of fresh melon, hummus, meats and cheeses, bread, garden
vegetable and various desserts. We didn't get a photo of the cookies Dolly made.
But you would have wanted a cupful of them!
And the piece de resistance...
Josh Groban.
What a lovely voice.
What a wonderful day.
What a wonderful evening.
Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy B-day Old Man River. It was a fun eveing.--#2

  2. It was a wonderful night :-)

  3. Happy Birthday dad! Let's do it again!!