Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Biggest Little Baby

This little guy was lost yesterday...His big sister and brother started school. I should have done something special with him but we have been together since he was born and I just thought he would go with the flow.

He was very good. "You play me Gaama?"  Of course...we played Ninja Turtles, he grew bored. "Me watch mobie (movie) Gaama". He requested Ninja turtles on the tv.

Then it happened...HE STARTED PLAYING WITHOUT ME!  AND to top it all off, he didn't WANT ME TO PLAY.  Say what? This has never happened in my 9 years of grandmothering. Now I was discombobbled! "Me play by self".  THEN he gathered all his toys in a bag and went UPSTAIRS. "You want me to come too?" "No" he said.  I checked on him shortly and brought a magazine. I was going to watch him play from the couch.  The little STINKER gathered up all his toys and went DOWNTAIRS. Grandma's heart was breaking. I called downstairs..."Call me if you need me."

A while later I hear, "Gaama, Me need you. Me pooped." I must say I was glad to change that poopy diaper. I was allowed in his presence at last. "Me need Middle Rose and my Wild Blonde Boy". He was missing his peeps.  We had lunch and watched a bit of Ninja Turtles...then we sang songs and he took a nap. I had to awaken a very sleepy boy and we rockied for a while and went to get the Big kids. He chirped and ran around the house after we came home with the goods. He was a very happy boy. Grandma was very happy too.

Next week he goes off to preschool WHAT WILL I DO?


  1. It's been a long day for me and him as well. He keeps wanting to go pick up Rori and Liam... :(

  2. Poor Bubba :-( Juli is like that in the afternoon before we go get Noah from school.

  3. Poor Grandma, Poor baby (not really baby) Brendan. They are all growing up too fast!!--Bill