Sunday, February 7, 2010

Clean, recycled garbage

Well, we have the memo from the county...we have to recycle...all these years we have been irresponsible and leaving a nice large carbon footprint...

I couldn't stand the recyclables sitting on the counter...we have no counter space and no Handsome went out and bought another trash tucks nicely into a little nuk...We have called our children numerous times...can this go in there, do we have to take the labels off the jars...what about dirty kleenex (I know, any excuse to call my girls!)

Now we have the cleanest garbage, everything all rinsed and washed and delabeled and ready to go into our clean trash can...its kind of funny...I think we will be receiving a reward from the waste haulers...Cleanest and Best trash in the county!


  1. You have very nice trash. We don't de-label anything, they're lucky we rinse our pop cans...

  2. Way to go green!'re suppose to rinse and delabel?;O)

  3. You should have seen my Grandfather's garbage. It was the cleanest, most organized garbage in the history of the world. The man folded his dirty laundry and then put in the hamper for cryin out loud--Son in Law #2 (aka Bill)

  4. Mom, I already told you, you don't have to take the labels off! We don't do that. We rarely rinse anything out either.