Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keeper of the Wizard!

I am so excited...When I was a child, my favorite movie of all times was "The Wizard of Oz". It came on one time a year...we had black and white t.v. When it did come on, my Mom would let my sister and I eat dinner on a blanket in front of the t.v. (Mostly an unheard of thing, except when we had popcorn in a green milk glass bowl...I still have it!) Dinner was hamburger and french fries with ketchup.

I always loved this movie...even the scariest witch ever, and her flying monkies...I loved when they foo fooed up Dar e thy (I know its Dorothy, but they say it That way) and I loved her ruby slippers....I don't know how old I was before I discovered that (spoiler alert) the tin man, the scarecrow, the lion and the wizard were all people in her "real life".

I couldn't wait for the girls to see it when they were little. We got the disk (go backwards in your minds for this one) and they played it until I wanted to...scream! I didn't want to see it again, ever.

Fast forward to this year...there was nothing on the tube. Even with 1000's of channels, many times nothing is on. But "The Wizard of Oz" was...I put it on...I LOVED it again.

In the mail the other day a box arrived from Amazon...Handsome had ordered me the movie...and so I am going to be THE KEEPER of "THE WIZARD OF OZ"...and when the Mamas say their little ones are ready, Baba HooHoo will have the time of her life sharing a great memory from her past...only will be at my house and watched only with me...and we shall have cheese burbers and srench sries and ketchup on a blanket in front of the color, flat screen tv. And lions and tigers and bears oh my...There's no place like home!