Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Mom

This is my Mom. She is a strong lady.
We were decorating cookies at the Fall Fairy's house. GG Rose came up with this case you don't recognize it...its a chicken.  She is famous for her chicken renderings.
She was in charge of our biggest, little baby that day and got to feed him 3 times. Although, somehow he spit up on me!
She entertained the middle Rose and they had a great time. Our blonde boy was not feeling so good. He took a long nap and we didn't see him very much. 

We were all pooped when it was time to go home and Mom said what a good time she had.
Early the next morning (Valentine's Day) I got a call from my sister.  Mom was at the ER. She had a terrible nosebleed that woke her up in the night. She could not stop it, the paramedics couldn't stop it, the ER doctor couldn't stop it. A specialist Eye, Nose and Throat doctor happened to come in. He took care of it by cauderizing it with silver nitrate. I arrived at the ER right after they had done the procedure. The specialist, who looked about 12, told me this was very serious and he was glad she had come in. 
GG Rose looked good but was glad I was there. I know she was a bit frightened. She was discharged shortly after. She had no shoes or coat and her cardigan was stained with blood. I went to get the car and then gave her my coat. Unfortunately I had no shoes to share with her, but I got her home quickly and settled in. I got her medicine at the store and then some breakfast. I could see she needed to sleep and probably wouldn't with me there. I covered her up, got her the remote and cordless phone. I kissed her and promised to check on her. It is hard seeing such a strong lady vulnerable. It hurt my heart. I called her several times. She told me she was ok but afraid to go to sleep, afraid she would wake up with the same problem. I reassured her and reminded her to take care of her nose, the nose God gave her, we only have one nose you know. She managed fine and woke up with a clean pillow. Thank you God for taking care of my Mom...I am still a little girl inside sometimes...I love her very much. 


  1. I'm glad you were there to take care of her! I love grandma rose very much too!

  2. I'm glad that she is ok and doing well...good thing God sent in that ENT Dr. and they were able to get the issue taken care of. Maybe the Farm Chicks would hire her to make chicken cookies on a stick.:0) I have to say...your biggest, little baby is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

  3. I'm glad you were there to take care of Grandma Rose too. Grandma is as well- she told me. Love, Jenna