Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Very Nice Young Man

We met our first son-in-law to be when he gave our oldest a ride home from college. She started talking more about him after that and when we visited her, we encountered him waiting for her after class with a rose in his hand. Hmmmm...

He came to pick her up one time
after a Christmas Vacation. We warned him to wait a day or two, but #1 son-in-law is very determined and he drove thru a terrible blizzard to come and get her. (Evidence to the right).
They found out school wasn't starting til a day later, but...they were safe.

He also drove a looong time to come and ask her father for her hand in marriage. And when Handsome asked her what she wanted him to say she said, "Say yes Daddy".

Ryan is a man who can do just about anything he sets his mind to. He won the hand of our daughter...he can build anything...he can even run around the yard with 90+ lbs of children and barking Finchy...all this with asthma!

He can cook and has asked me many, many times what he can cook for me...

Yes, people, this is baked fudge and I make many different sounds when I eat this. He makes something, something in a red wine reduction and it is smooth and velvety. His blueberry muffins are to die for and the smoked fish he has done is heavenly. I really think someday he will come up with a dessert for people who can't eat sugar that is just wonderful...

He is a great father...And his great patience and determination is something our littlest Rose needs and he can get her to eat the best...Don't ever say God doesn't know that He is doing!
Sometimes he is hard to read and quiet, but sometimes, I think Wenna Woo married her Mom...Figure that one out...When he's not being quiet he is making the sounds of wild canadian geese mating or an allergy hairball. He is funny and smart and we love him.

Oh...and do ask him about THIS beautiful dish :)


  1. He is a special husband and father--even if he did steal my sister from me... And if I was married to him, I'd weigh 300 pounds!

  2. What a nice post about Ryan, Mom. Ahh, yes, the salty beef- makes me thirsty just looking at it.

  3. That was nice! And as I recall the beef with peppers dinner was delicious. I can't recall anything out of the ordinary about it in fact, except that the picture looks so nice....

  4. Could not have asked for a nicer brother in law( aka son in law #1). We have a lots of fun together. Like knocking out the power to his whole block while putting up a fence. He is also a great example of the a Godly man for not only for my childern but to me as well. Good job Jenna on picking that son in law #1--Son in law #2 (aka Bill)