Monday, February 1, 2010


Did you see the news last night? They showed a little beautiful boy about 4-5...standing in shock completely naked...then they showed a beautiful boy crying his eyes out...and he reminded me of my wild blonde boy and my ray and my middle rose and my snow white and my most content baby...and I prayed...Lord what are we supposed to do...I want to go get them and bring them here...where can we give the money that would make a difference...this morning on Moody, the head of Compassion International was on...I found him so intriguing...his voice was breaking as he spoke of his love of Haiti...Moody was collecting donations today for Haiti, partnering with Compassion...I knew then that was where I was to give...when Handsome walked in the door...I told him the amount...I told him what if it was our babies...and he gave me his credit card...and I felt a small weight drop off my shoulders...


  1. Puts things in perspective. I wish we could adopt them.

  2. The pictures are heartbreaking & Compassion is such a great organization.