Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anniversary card

They sat side by side in the
morning light and looked
out at the
future together.
My sister and her husband will be married 31 years this month. They are married as long as the Fall Fairy is old. I remember she cried through the entire reception. Not my sister... the Fall Fairy. She was awful cute though, as was the Mama Llama in her pink and white checked dressie which I saved and have given to the "Flauware" whom I also call Snow White or Ladybug.


  1. I could see Juliana following in her auntie's footsteps and crying through the wedding or reception, or even both :-) That's a cute picture of Rori and Liam.

  2. That looks like those black and white cards with the little boy and girl that are famous...except this one is cuter!

  3. Great picture. Those kids are awful cute. They have a lot of the mama in them.--Bill