Monday, November 23, 2009

Pink !#?

My living room looks like this: yes it is a happy and vibrant place. I love the color. I know its not for everyone but, we are not everyone now are we?
The traditional Christmas colors are a bit of a problem here. So that is why I ended up finding these lights.
This is our tree at night. I love it and it makes me smile.The tree is a hand me down from a dear friend. It was her in-laws. I have never loved a tree more. It reminds me of a tree in the forest (sans pink lights or maybe at sunrise or sunset). The branches turn down as if it has snowed. The tree is getting old. It will make me very sad to retire it someday.
It was another beautiful, sunny day. The sun makes me happy and energetic. I had forgotten how that felt. Have a great week.


  1. Nice tree. However it's not even Thanksgiving yet!!! There should be a law against Christmas things before Thanksgiving--Bill

  2. I see your family has a scrooge!:o( Love, love your pink family room and pink lit tree. I noticed the down turned branches on the tree right away and thought it was a real one. Hang on to it.....doubt you'll find another without spending a mint. McKenna has a pink tree with pink lights in her room. I noticed that Menards has beautiful purple lights this year. Maybe she'll have a pink and purple tree this year.:0) Is your living room fabric the Waverly rose?

  3. Bill is a scrooge. Mom, I like the pink lights, but Juliana wants purple ones... I may have to get the purple ones...

  4. Beautiful tree--Rori's gonna want those lights!

  5. Beautiful tree, love the pink lights. The Inlaws would be proud! Glad you have enjoyed it for so many years..