Monday, November 30, 2009

A Wild Thanksgiving and I'm still celebrating my birthday!

I Love Shawn the Sheep, he is so naughty! My Ray and my Snow White got it for me off of They are both such savvy shoppers. They did have to get a few more things, though to get super save shipping!
GGR got to hold my Ray (of sunshine). He is hesitant to go by her. He doesn't see her very often. GGR was very Happy!

Here are my three roses! Aren't they lovely?

Wenna Woo's hubby made two kinds of turkey. One regular, one he smoked although how he held it in his mouth and lit it is beyond me?!#

I said I could not see her eyes under her hat and she smiled mysteriously and said she liked it that way. Another quote from

Grandpa Handsome had a great time holding his Snow White. (Do you think she called him and they coordinated outfits?) He isn't feeling well but managed to enjoy the kids. Even his oldest. On the weekend they went to see South Pacific...a play she enjoyed so much when we took her to see it when she was in junior high. I got to stay home and watch my two sweet grandkids and the Hounds of the Baskervilles. (Guess whose dog was the naughtiest?)

We got to see our girl eat! She loves squash and carrots. Thank God! She has an eating aversion due to the bad reflux that she has.

Ray of Sunshine got a candy kane and I believe he liked it!

The new favortie Moo Bee is Polar Express!
I liked it bunches, but the best part was watching my boy yell "All aboard" and "Oh No" and "I need my "ductor" hat!
And of course the song that stuck in my head... "Hot Hot Hot Hot Chocolate"


  1. I want to see Polar Express. Maybe Noah will bring it when we babysit him. Juliana looks so pretty in her new hat!

  2. It was a fun time, Mom. Thanks for coming :-)

  3. Looks like you had a nice Tday.....such sweet grandbabies you have. We love Polar Express too....I don't know why?;o)

  4. Your Brithday is offical over. Who do you think you are me? I had a very nice thanksgiving with you all.--Bill