Sunday, November 22, 2009

Injun Summer

It was a beautiful day...we had a special visitor...Sargie poo poo did not recognize the car when she pulled up and he barked and barked his guard dog bark. We got to chat...I got to share my limited digital scrapbooking knowledge with her...we got to enjoy lunch at our favorite hamburger place.
It was an odd feeling as she drove off by herself, alone, in her car...a big girl now. Yes it was the Fall Fairy who visited us. What a very special day it was.
Later, dusk settled in. The air was still and a chill was setting in. I went out on the deck. I heard children playing (something you don't hear very often anymore), the air was hazy with smoke and there was a quarter moon high in the sky. The call of geese was overhead and as I watched them fly, I thought I saw the image of an Indian in the clouds.
Check out the link below...I love the cartoon


  1. I had a very nice day too! It's been a long time since I've had your undivided attention :) Not that I can blame you...

  2. I am glad you all had a nice time. I liked the link--Bill